Instructions for Authors

Thank you for choosing to submit your paper to The Journal of Sport and Exercise Science. These instructions will ensure that we have everything required to progress your paper through the process of peer review, production and publication.

In the first instance, authors may submit their paper in any scholarly format or layout. Manuscripts must be submitted as a single Word file. Figures and tables should be placed within the text and should be of sufficient resolution to enable easy review.

  • There are no strict formatting requirements, but all manuscripts must contain the essential elements needed to evaluate a manuscript: Title page with author affiliation(s), abstract, introduction, methods, results, discussion, figures, tables, funder information, and references. Further details may be required if the paper is accepted for publication.
  • References can be in any style or format, but a consistent citation format is required. Author name(s), journal or book title, article or chapter title, year of publication, volume and issue (where appropriate), page numbers and continuous line numbers are essential. All bibliographic entries must contain a corresponding in-text citation. The addition of DOI (Digital Object Identifier) numbers is recommended but not essential.
  • Spelling can be US or UK English so long as usage is consistent.

If the paper is accepted for publication, authors will be asked to format their papers according to our manuscript template, following the APA 6th edition reference style.

Peer Review

Manuscripts that do not fall within the scope and mission statement of the journal or fail to comply with the submission guidelines will not enter the formal review process. The corresponding author is required to nominate at least 3 potential reviewers of the manuscript who have suitable expertise in the area addressed by the manuscript. The journal is under no obligation to use any of the nominated reviewers. 

The review process will usually take 4-8 weeks.